Why Remote Learning?

Students have access to the world's best resources, wherever they live or travel.

A Change in Perspective

LearningLeaders started as a 'classic' offline training organization. We made a deliberate change to Remote Learning.

Hear why directly from our CEO, Michael Hauge.

Unique Benefits to Remote
Debate + Public Speaking

Elite Access to Top Coaches & Peers
Learn from the World's Best Coaches and be challenged by the fiercest competition. Engage with a diversity of perspectives.
Effective Training for Online Competitions
Most serious competitions have now committed to remaining online for accessibility reasons. Train properly for these events and "Practice like you play."
Progress Reports
Virtual classrooms enable higher-fidelity data recording and subsequent analysis. Always know where you stand and 'What's Next?'
Video Feedback Recording Library
First-of-its-kind Video Feedback Library is always available at your fingertips. review historical speeches and coach guidance in just two clicks.
Maximum Flexibility
Travel, vacation, or even move around the world without missing a single lesson from your favorite coaches and with your friends. You're always ready to learn with LL.
Greatest Convenience
Your family is busy. We get it.  Don't waste time commuting to-and-from physical Learning Centers or Academies. Save your precious time.

The LearningLeaders Platform

The LL Platform supports students to Maximize debate and public speaking skills learning.

Platform Introduction

Lightning-fast Walkthrough


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