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Our Method. Your Growth.

Created by globally-renowned Debate and Public Speaking Experts, The LearningLeaders Method is the world's most comprehensive and data-driven approach to improve lifelong communication skills.

Visible Process, Progress, and Results

With our Skills-first Approach, every lesson students develop one of 79 Communication Skills from 5 Skill Families.


Finally, a data-driven method to learn persuasive speaking. This is the future of skill acquisition.

Personalized Feedback from Experts

World-class coaches provide students both live and asynchronous feedback saved to a personal video library.


Learn from the best coaches in the world, wherever you live. Unlock your potential.

Serious Challenge & Serious Fun

Assessment Sessions and Competitions test students to perform under pressure, yet in a supportive environment.
Demonstrate skill mastery to progress at your own pace. There are no speed limits here.

Our Award-Winning Programs


The Academy Program

Communication Skill Acquisition for Students in Grades 5 - 12.

The Elite Program

Highly Competitive Training for Students in Grades 7 - 12.

The Competition Program

Personalized Competition Preparation for Students in Grades 5 - 12.
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The Academy Program

By the end of The Academy Program, students will have learned to consistently communicate with confidence.


Students gain critical communication skills in five major skill families that are essential to communicating effectively: Delivery, Organization, Argumentation, Engagement, and Mindset.

The Elite Program

If students want to be coached to achieve their full competitive potential, there is nowhere better in the world to train than in the LearningLeaders Elite Debate Program.


Ideal for students who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to competitive debate training and participation, The Elite Program is a selective program for which students must apply.
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The Competition Program

Competition is a chance to execute on skills that have been learned in the classroom.


Participating in tournaments sharpens competitive instincts and allows students to benchmark their progress against others and collect tangible achievements to help validate their hard work.

Hear From Just a Few of the 5,000+ Families Who Love LL

LearningLeaders has really opened up my passion for debate. The community is caring, loving, and has become a second family to me.
Grade 10
I would describe my coaches as very kind, supportive, lighthearted, and just very fun people.
Grade 9
I have recommended LearningLeaders to my friends countless times. Their goal is not just to get kids to be good at public speaking or debating, but educating the whole person.
By public speaking, I can well organize my thoughts and express myself more confidently in front of the audience.
Grade 5
After my child attended speech training, I found she is very organized and logical. For example, there is a clear beginning and end and clear structure in between.
After I learned speech and debate in LearningLeaders, I felt that I knew more things and I had more confidence in life.
Grade 6

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