Don't raise your voice.
Improve your argument.

- Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Debaters and Public Speakers You May Know

All of these noteworthy people studied debate or public speaking in their youth.
Chadwick Boseman


Ketanji Brown Jackson


Brad Pitt


Stephen Colbert


Lee Kwan Yew


Oprah Winfrey


Sonia Sotomayor


James Dean


Celeste Ng


Jordan Peele


John F. Kennedy Jr.


Kofi Annan


Margaret Thatcher


Jack Dorsey


Nelson Mandela


Bruce Springsteen


Warren Buffett


Malcolm X


Keenan Thompson


Hilary Clinton


Who learns Debate and Public Speaking?

Future Leaders.


Learn to Lead.

Debate and Public Speaking teach fundamental leadership skills of crafting an idea and communicating that idea effectively. Work as a team to get spectators and judges to support your opinions. That's practice for the real world.
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Own the Room.

As a leader, you may be asked to speak, present, or share your ideas publicly. When that time comes, you want to be able to step up and execute without a second thought.


Speak with Anyone.

Part of leadership is understanding how others wish to be spoken to. Expanding your vocabulary - not just with million-dollar words - to improve the likelihood of your message being well-received is critical skill learned through speech and debate.
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Learn to Listen.

What many people forget is that during a debate you are actually listening for longer than you are speaking! debating and speech teaches young adults to consciously observe the world around them, their teammates, and the audience.


Understand Global Issues.

Through debate and public speaking, you can meet delightful and inspiring people from all over the globe. At LL, we try to give you an extra boost by working with some amazing partner organizations like the Harvard College Debating Union and the Cambridge Union Society.
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