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Take the Skill Assessment.
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Take our Skill Assessment

Our asynchronous Skill Assessment means your family doesn't need to change your schedule for us.
Simply complete at your convenience and receive personalized feedback from an expert coach.

Enjoy a Free Trial Class

Want to experience a LearningLeaders class before enrolling? Want to try before you buy?
Enjoy a 90-minute Trial Class  experience and meeting our Top Coaches at zero risk to you.

Start Learning!

You select the course that best suits your goals. Then get started learning within 30 days of receiving your admissions results.
It's that simple.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can I take the Skill Assessment?

You can take the Skill Assessment however many times you would like. We fully support you trying again if you don't achieve the result you want on the first round.

How long does the Skill assessment take?

You have a maximum of 30 minutes to complete the Skill Assessment.

Any hints for me to do well on the Skill Assessment?

We sure do :) We'll share them after you request to take the test.

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