Seasonal Learning Events

We regularly host events to share valuable information with our community. Sometimes humorous, largely educational, and always useful, you'll be glad you hit the play button.
APRIL 2023

AI & Debate

Hear Keynote from Harish Natajaran, first person ever to debate IBM's Project Debater, along with a once-in-a-lifetime clash between the Debate Teams of Harvard & Cambridge on how AI will impact education.

Debate Without Borders

What does the future of online education look like in a world without borders? Hear from Christy Flis, Head of Education at Zoom, Asian Champion Debaters from Ateneo de Manila High School, and watch a LIVE public speaking demonstration from LL students.

Focus on Feedback

After crunching the numbers on 1,000+ rounds of debate with the help of machine learning experts, the LL team is excited to share our findings with you.
JULY 2022

Empowering Your Growth Through Partnerships

Introducing our amazing partners, including the Harvard College Debating Union and the Cambridge Union Society.
APRIL 2022

LearningLeaders Goes Global

View our Official Launch Event, Meet the Team, and learn all the key details of the LearningLeaders Program.

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