Work at LL.
Live anywhere.

At LearningLeaders we serve students and customers all over the world. Our business reflects that reality. We prefer async communication generally, though are no strangers to Zoom calls. Most importantly, you don't have to choose between following your dreams and keeping that dream job.
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What We Stand For

Show Your Work.
Truth. Especially When It Hurts.
Work Hard. Win. Celebrate.
Form an Opinion.
No 7's Allowed.
Make Mama Proud.

#LLife at LearningLeaders

We made this video a short while ago, but the song remains the same.

What is it like to work at LL?

Diverse and Int'l team

LearningLeaders is a 100% remote company, with team members spanning four continents and many time zones. Counting part-time staff, we hail from 25+ countries. Work at LL and live wherever you want.

Delight & Inspire

When you were a kid, did you say to yourself "I can't wait to grow up and become a B2B SaaS salesperson"? We didn't either. No offense - we just like doing stuff that makes the world a better place for kids every single day.

(Very) Generous PTO

Every team member gets 30 total paid days off per year (including holidays). Rest up, recharge and come back when you're good to go. Take marital, family, and personal leave in-line with what's customary in your home country.

Flat Org. Steep Learning.

Every Friday during Weekly Syncs, every team shares progress, process, and problems. You have a full 360-degree view as to what's going on at LL and direct exposure to the key decisions.

Globally-competitive Comp

We might not have the same salaries as Google or similar bonuses as Goldman Sachs, but we pay at parity or above industry standards for both full-time and part-time team members.

Learn to Earn

You'll get access to best-in-class professional development and training materials so you can up-skill yourself and up-serve our customers. Heck, we'll even help you up-date that resume if you want to grow your career elsewhere.

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Purpose. Passion.
People. Profits.

LearningLeaders is a for-profit enterprise. we think the best way to generate long-term and sustainable outcomes in the education industry is by running a great business, not by asking for donations. In fact, we put our money where our mouth is by successfully becoming a registered B Corp in 2020 to hold ourselves more publicly accountable.




Do you have the desire to inspire?

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