Creating An Agenda: For Student Leaders

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Creating An Agenda: For Student Leaders
"Great discussions don’t happen by accident." - Michael Hauge

Congratulations! You’ve been voted as Class President, Team Captain, or into another leadership role for a student club. You’re excited and can’t wait to get started. Your fellow teammates or officers for the club eagerly ask you, “What’s on the agenda for this week’s meeting?!” Gulp! You’re not quite sure. Luckily you came to read this article, because we’ll share with you how to create a perfect agenda for any student organization meeting here below:

  1. Set Goals for the Meeting: Before writing an agenda, it is important to set goals for the meeting. Ask yourself how you want to proceed with the student organization? What topics need to be discussed and what needs to be accomplished? This will help you create a targeted agenda while avoiding any unnecessary items.
  2. Get Input from Your Teammates: You may be the leader, but it’s important to get input from your teammates. Ask them what topics they think need to be discussed. This will help ensure all voices are heard and will make it easier to come to a consensus.

Write a Draft Agenda & Time Allotment: With the goal and input of your teammates in mind, draft your agenda. Make sure to include a timeframe for each topic so everyone knows when to move onto the next item.

Ensure Every Agenda Item Has a DRI (Directly Responsible Individual): Before wrapping up the meeting, assign a DRI to each agenda item to ensure that tasks are completed in a timely manner.

Allow Room for Flexibility: An agenda is just a guide. That said, it’s important to allow room for flexibility. In the midst of the meeting you and your group may come up with more topics or need more time for discussion. Leaving room for flexibility will help ensure the meeting runs smoothly.

Cover Housekeeping Items: As the leader, it is important to cover housekeeping items. This includes confirming the meeting’s objectives, introducing new members, reminding members of upcoming events and activities, and taking attendance

Confirm Next Meeting Date + Time (If Needed): Classes and other commitments can make it difficult to grab a meeting time that works for everyone. That said, it’s important to confirm your next meeting date and time before concluding the meeting. This will ensure that everyone can attend and that important goals are discussed.

Follow Up After the Meeting: After the meeting concludes, make sure to follow up with members who didn’t attend to ensure they are caught up. You may also want to send out a summary of the discussion and action items to ensure everyone is on the same page

And there you have it— a guide to creating an agenda for any student organization meeting. Taking the time to thoughtfully plan an agenda will help ensure that you, your teammates, and your club’s members can make the most ad efficient use of your time.

By following the above steps, you can create an effective and organized agenda for any meeting. As Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”. That’s why it’s important to create an agenda that makes it easier for the group to work together, communicate effectively, and accomplish great things.

As a bonus, here’s a quick checklist you can use before each meeting 🙂

[ ] Determined you really need to have the discussion that cannot be solved by messaging?
[ ] Determined how decisions will be made in the meeting (majority vote, leader choice, group consensus)?
[ ] Developed an agenda?
[ ] Selected the right participants and assigned roles (if necessary)?
[ ] Decided when and where to hold the meeting?
[ ] Confirmed availability of the space?
[ ] Sent an invite to all participants?
[ ] Sent the preliminary agenda?
[ ] Sent any reading, memos, or requests which require advance preparation?
[ ] Followed-up with invitees to remind them of the meeting and/or their responsibilities?
[ ] Identified, prepared, and tested any necessary technical equipment?
[ ] Prepared yourself by printing necessary materials, reviewing agenda, etc.?

There you have it! Interested in learning more? Keep reading more about the Leadership Theory.

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Coach Mike
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