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World Schools Debate - Online Competitions & Classes

Introduction to World Schools Debate Online

World Schools Debate, also known as WSDC, is one of the most common debate formats in the world. But of course, for most of that time, World Schools Debate took place offline. It is only in recent years that World Schools Debate has moved online, and now it is a major aspect of debating in the World Schools Debate style.

In this article, we will look at what World Schools Debate looks like online, and how you can get involved in online debating, whether in the World Schools format or another format.

World Schools Debate Online Tournaments

Online World Schools Debate tournaments mostly fall into two categories. First of all is those World Schools Debate online tournaments that are designed for national teams. These competitions reach their peak with the actual World Schools Debating Championships, which happen every year (normally in July or August) and are open only to students who are selected for their national teams. WSDC takes place in person, but many World Schools Debate online tournaments allow a combination of national and high school teams. Some even allow middle school teams to compete as well. This is a great option for more experienced World Schools debaters who want to challenge for trophies.

Even if this seems like a tough assignment, don’t despair! World Schools Debate online tournaments aren’t all designed for the very top level of debater. Many World Schools Debate tournaments welcome novice debaters as well, and due to the power-pairing system in use in most World Schools Debate tournaments, as well as separate breaks for older and younger debaters (or more and less experienced speakers), you can have a great learning experience.

Some World Schools Debate tournaments are expensive, while others are relatively cheap or even free. Overall, there are online tournaments for everyone.

World Schools Debating League

Needless to say, a great example of a World Schools Debate online tournament that you can join is the World Schools Debating League, or WSDL. WSDL allows you to compete against debaters from other schools in other countries, all from the comfort of your own home or school classroom. Unlike many World Schools Debate tournaments online, the World Schools Debating League offers post-round feedback after every round but also post-round video analysis, further reading and more.

World Schools Debate online classes

If you enjoy World Schools Debate online tournaments and want to take your WSDC debating to the next level, then of course you have the opportunity to join online classes which will help you improve your World Schools debating. We offer a number of classes in World Schools Debate format for students of all ages and experience levels. You can find more information about our World Schools Debate classes here.


World Schools Debate is no longer just for the elite level debater who is prepared, and able, to travel around the world. World Schools Debate online allows everyone to participate in online tournaments and the costs and time commitment are usually quite reasonable. If you have been hesitating to get involved in World Schools Debate, online debating may solve your problems!

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