Top 10 Debate Topics You Should Be Comfortable With!

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Top 10 Debate Topics You Should Be Comfortable With!

Top 10 Debate Topics you should be comfortable with

Do you feel that knot in your stomach when the teacher mentions it’s time for a classroom debate? Well, never fear! We’ve got the inside scoop on some of the most popular and topical debate topics today. With our top 10 list, you’ll be ready to confidently participate in any discussion with ease. Read on to find out what interesting topics should be at the top of your must-know list!

Zoos should be banned

One of the more fun debate topics. Zoos have many positive benefits; they are engaging for children, great ways of learning about the natural world, and play an important role in conservation of wildlife. On the other hand, many people consider them to be cruel, and say that it is immoral to keep animals locked up in cages for human amusement.

Cellphones should be banned in schools

Another popular debate topic. Kids in modern society (and adults too!) are addicted to their phones - but should they be allowed in school? Some would say that they are distracting but others argue that they are great tools for research, and encourage students to stay in touch with parents. What do you think?

Homework should be abolished

This debate topic is popular with middle school students! Homework takes up valuable student time, is often useless, and nowadays it's easier than ever to cheat on your homework anyway. On the other hand, it is valuable for reviewing stuff that students learn at school, and helps teachers assess the level of understanding from students.

Teachers should not be allowed to strike

When teachers go on strike, it's usually because their pay and conditions are making it hard to to provide the best possible tuition for students. But then again, strike action disrupts student education and may ruin important exams. An interesting topic with solid argument potential.

College tuition should be free

In many countries, college education is very expensive. But should it be? Some people argue that, as a public good that benefits the whole of society, public schools should be tuition free for everyone. On the other hand, if your future success will benefit from this education, shouldn't you pay for it?

Drugs should be legalized

A controversial debate topic, to be sure, but a common one. In a free society, why does the government ban certain substances - even if harmful? After all, adults are allowed to smoke or drink. Does freedom of choice extend to harming ourselves, or does the state have a duty to protect citizens from bad choices?

Social media does more harm than good

Social media is great for staying in touch with friends, finding out what is going on in the world, being entertained. It is also addictive, spreads fake news and misinformation, and arguably encourages hostility online. That's why this is a middle school debate topic you should be comfortable with.

We should all be vegetarians

This is a strong debate in the modern world. Many people argue vegetarianism is the only ethical way to live - it helps save the lives of innocent animals, it is healthier for us, and it even combats climate change, too. Faced with these arguments, is it really worth eating meat just because it tastes good?

The death penalty does more harm than good

States with the death penalty argue that it is a powerful deterrent to crime, as well as being the only just punishment for those who have taken a human life. Yet is it not also cruel - and what happens when there is a miscarriage of justice, and the wrong person is executed? One of the most common political debate topics.

Children should be allowed to vote

Let's finish up with a favorite debate topic for children - that they should be allowed to vote. After all, children have the biggest stake in the future - they will be alive long after the elderly have gone. And yet it is the old who have much more power in society right now than young people. Maybe changing the voting age would change the balance of power in our society?


There we have it; debates about climate change, phones, homework or the death penalty - and we haven't even touched on topics like artificial intelligence, school uniforms, the electoral college or violent video games. Formal discussion of these common debate topics can help us learn more about the topics and also develop our own opinions on them. Looking for something more suited to Highschool students? Take a look at this blog posts on common debate topics. Enjoy!

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